SAIS uses Trebuchet in Web applications. For print applications, SAIS uses Gill Sans in primary and titling applications (all caps) and Calibri as a secondary standard.





Hex: #FF9933

C: 0  M: 48  Y: 88  K: 0

Pantone 1375 C


Hex: #99CCFF

C: 35  M: 10  Y: 0  K: 0

Pantone 283 C


Hex: #666666

C: 60  M: 51  Y: 51  K: 20

Pantone Cool Gray 8 C


Hex: #333366

C: 93  M: 90  Y:31  K:20

Pantone 275 C



The SAIS logo should, in all external applications, appear with the URL directly beneath.

SAIS Logo with URL, Cool Gray (JPG file)

2011 SAIS Annual Conference Logo (PNG file)