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SAIS Value Narrative Survey Analysis

Culture and Climate Survey

The SAIS Value Narrative Survey is both a school culture survey and a school climate survey. While these terms are often used interchangeably, the survey tries to understand the value your stakeholders place on a set of fairly common indicators (the culture survey) and compare it to how well they think you are performing at delivering on the same set of indicators (the climate survey). You can look at each piece of the puzzle in isolation; either aggregated or in any of the several disaggregated populations presented in your report. You can compare the results of each survey to each other and understand the congruence between your school’s culture and your school’s climate.

We should note that school culture tends to be foundational and doesn't shift much or often. School climate, as we are using it, is sensitive to short-term changes such as personnel transitions, adding or cutting programs, policy shifts, etc. There are many possible reasons why a school’s culture and climate aren’t in perfect congruence with each other such as admissions decisions made for reasons other than mission fit, lack of clear communication or understanding, fear of change. Comparing and contrasting your stakeholder groups yields great insights into some of the beliefs and the attitudes of these groups.

What's in my report?

Now that you have received your reports, it is time to read through them and try to understand what they are telling you. The report includes lists of your Net Promoter Scores, tables of highest importance items and highest performance items, congruency charts. This data is presented first by looking at ALL of your stakeholder groups together with some high level comparisons presented and then by disaggregating your data into the stakeholder groups that participated in your survey - with further disaggregation beyond that in the supplementary reports. Review your information thoroughly! You may wish to use some or all of the information here to assist you with understanding your information and planning next steps. 

SAIS Value Narrative Survey Technical Document

Understanding your Data

(Click the title for more details) 

The Net Promoter Score: Description of what the NPS is, the current means of stakeholders, discussion of appropriate uses

Top 10 and Bottom 10: A consideration of the upper and lower thirds of indicators across stakeholders

Measures of Congruency: Congruency is the match between expectations and perceived reality

Further Questions to Ask: Techniques on Focus groups

Benchmark Reports: Full reports available by stakeholder group according to various benchmarks


When you are ready to give the survey, click on the left to get started, SAIS will need to collect information and payment from you. The information is listed on the form after you click to get started. Click here for a document to use to help you fill out the form once you click the icon to the left.  The document contains further definitions and instructions.


PLEASE feel free to contact us with any questions at any time.  We even like suggestions about new surveys to develop.


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