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SAISconnect: Listserv Guidelines & Terms of Use
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SAIS Listserv Communities

The following communities are offered for administrators from SAIS member schools:

    Auxiliary Programs (offered in partnership with MISBO. Sign up here.)
    Dean of Students
    Ed Tech 
    School Counselors
    Small Schools (restricted to heads of school at member schools with an operating budget of $3 million or less) 
    Academic Support (restricted to academic support administrators)
    Administrative Assistants (restricted to administrative assistants)
    Assistant Heads of School (restricted to assistant heads of school)
    Athletic Directors (restricted to athletic directors)
    Communications Directors (restricted to communications directors)
    Heads of School (restricted to heads of school)
    Lower School Heads (restricted to lower school heads)
    Middle School Heads (restricted to middle school heads)
    Upper School Heads (restricted to upper school heads)

If you are with an SAIS member school and wish to join one or more of the communities listed above, the first step is to ensure you have a login account here on the SAIS website (sign-in and account create page is here). Then let us know which listservs you wish to join by emailing us at


SAIS Listserv Guidelines

    1. Please message only the listserv email address.  No other email addresses outside of the listserv may be copied when sending or replying to a message.
    2. When replying to a message, remember that your response will be viewed by the entire group. If you wish to reply to only an individual, enter only the desired recipient's email address in the 'To' field of your message.
    3.  Send thank you messages to individuals privately, not to the entire list.
    4. Use clear, descriptive subjects for your messages.  When you initiate a new discussion or request, an appropriate subject line will help garner better responses.
    7. At the bottom of every listserv email you'll see a link to "modify your subscription."  The default setting is to receive each listserv message as it is sent, but you may modify your settings to receive either a daily or weekly digest.
    8. The listservs are a place to exchange ideas and are to be free from solicitations. 
    9. ANTI–TRUST AWARENESS: : There is a chance that some conversations may slip into areas that broach on anti-trust, anti-competitive practices, price fixing, or another subject that could jeopardize the group. AVOID questions/conversations that have to do with any of the following: fees (tuition increases, salaries, charges for auxiliary operations, etc), raises (specific compensation, raise amounts, etc), dividing customers or territories (in our case, this would mostly apply to students and offers of admissions), and personnel issues or issues that identify an individual. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but to provide a basis for the members of the listserv to police each other and to provide the grounds under which SAIS might suspend a listserv.
    Those violating any of these guidelines may have their listserv access privileges temporarily or permanently suspended.

SAIS Listservs --- Terms of Use

By participating in any of the online presences maintained by SAIS, whether by sending, receiving, or reading messages; posting, reading, or commenting on any links or resources; or being involved in any discussion in any manner, I agree as follows:

    1. I will not send, re-send, or disseminate any material that is defamatory or otherwise actionable.
    2. I acknowledge that it would be impractical and undesirable for SAISconnect and other SAIS online presences to be moderated, censored or controlled by SAIS, its employees, officers or directors, or any other third party. I agree that I will therefore be solely responsible for the contents of any message I send or disseminate, and agree that I am not relying on SAIS or any other person to monitor, edit, or control the messages that I choose to send or receive.
    3. I will hold SAIS, and its directors, officers, members, employees, agents and service-providers (collectively, "SAIS") harmless, and will fully indemnify SAIS in respect of any legal demands, proceedings, or claims, brought against SAIS by any party, including but not limited to indemnifying SAIS for all legal costs on a full indemnity basis incurred in responding to or dealing with any such claim or demand, (a) in respect of any message/link/resource/comment/content I send/post, re-send/re-post or disseminate, or (b) which arise from of a failure on my part to keep the contents confidential as set out above.
    4. I will not institute legal proceedings of any type against SAIS or its officers, directors, employees, agents and service providers, in respect of any message that is published on SAISonnect or any other SAIS online presence.
    5. I will not institute legal proceedings of any type against any member of SAIS in respect of any message/link/resource/comment/content that is published on SAISconnect or any SAIS online presence except, and only to the extent it is necessary, to enforce the indemnification provisions set out in paragraph 4 above.
    6. I understand that any postings/content deemed unfit by SAIS staff may be removed without prior notice by SAIS staff.
    7. I agree that all content submitted is the sole responsibility of the submitter from which it originated. This means that submitters, and not SAIS, are entirely responsible for all content posted. SAIS does not control the content submitted via this service and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the content. Under no circumstances will SAIS be liable in any way for any post, including, but not limited to, for any errors or omissions, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of this service.
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June 29-July 1 | Atlanta
Division Heads Conference
June 23-26 | Serenbe

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